Uponor pipe is now supported by QuickPlumb software.

QuickPlumb software now supports Uponor pipe and fittings. You can draw multiport tees and connect them to your fixtures. QuickPlumb will add them to your material lists ready to be sent  to the supply house. One of the benefits of using Uponor is the ability to reduce the number of fittings thereby reducing material costs and labor. With Quickplumb you will get an accurate count of all your pipe and fittings every time. You can also use the pipe sizing feature to automatically size every segment on your plan using universally accepted engineering standards. We at Epiphany Software Corporation are proud to support such a fantastic product and we look forward to making the design aspect as easy as possible for your plumbing design team. Download a free 30 day trial of QuickPlumb and see for yourself how easy plumbing with Uponor can be.



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