Just released QuickPlumb Pro 2.4

QuickPlumb Pro 2.4 by Epiphany Software,, is a stand-alone Windows CAD program that enables users to draw drainage waste and vent piping (DWV) and water distribution piping along with walls and fixtures placed in their precise locations, while keeping up with alignment, slope, fittings and code compliance. The user can import construction plans into QuickPlumb and place fixtures and pipes over the plan using it as a template to insure accuracy.
In the latest version, new features include:
• the ability to drag and drop fixtures on any horizontal drain
• easily create and edit of rolling offsets
• ability to designate walls as “load bearing” so that pipes will automatically route around beams and footings.
• drain pipes from fixtures can dump into floor drains as indirect waste
• support for multi compartment sinks
• support for water filters
The software includes an extensive library of fixtures. The fixture dimensions and drain locations are preset to enable visual checking of the placement of each fixture. You can also add your own fixtures. Fittings are automatically recognized as pipes are attached to the project.
When a drawing is complete, the user can print a bill of materials and estimates that will automatically tally all the fittings. The estimates acquire lists from both the drawing and from customer selections. The prices associated with each item are also added along with markup and labor for quick estimates. Users with an account and their own local suppliers who interface online can upload the bill of materials to QuickPlumb’s database for instant real-time ordering.
QuickPlumb will also automatically create a pipe cut list that, in the field, would help field personnel assemble the drainage system by matching each pipe to the same pipe number on the printed drawings created by the software. The program provides both isometric and 3D views of the plans.

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