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Fixture Location

Fixture Location

Fixture Location | QuickPlumb

One of the most difficult problems with concrete slab construction for the plumbing contractor is positioning the drainage pipes in the correct location with nothing but forms to use as a reference. With QuickPlumb you can draw the walls and place the fixtures in their precise locations. When a fixture is highlighted, dimension lines automatically stretch from the vertical drain connection of the fixture to each reference line on your drawing. Reference lines can represent an exterior wall or any other fixed line on the construction site. Print the screen with each fixture highlighted and you can rest assured that your project will come together exactly as planned.


An extensive library of fixtures is included. The fixture dimensions and drain locations are preset so that you can visually check the placement of each fixture. You can also add your own fixtures if they are not already in the library of fixtures.



There is no easier plumbing software on the market. With it’s ability to count each and every fitting so that you know the correct material quantities will be ordered and you will not be caught short of supplies the cost on the software will more than pay for itself. Think of how devastating it is when you arrive on the job site after the concrete has been poured only to find that there was an error in the layout and the plumbing stub-ups are in the wrong location!

Many of the challenges that arise in the business of plumbing contracting are overlooked by the majority of software vendors. Some of these include getting accurate coordinates for plumbing stub ups in slab construction. This is a critical element of any job because of the consequences of a pipe that is out of place and needs to be moved. The concrete will need to be cut and enough room will be needed to reroute the pipe to the correct location. This makes an unsightly mess on any jobsite and the general contractor is never happy when his freshly poured and finished concrete is in pieces. This is one of the main focuses of QuickPlumb software. Each fixture that is placed on the plan has plumbing stub up locations entered which follow it where ever it is placed on the plan. When you select View>Fixture Coordinates from the top menu bar dimension lines are extended to the reference lines that you can insert anywhere to represent such things as the edge of forms. Using these dimensions allows you to double check the stub up locations so that they are in the correct place. This along with the pipe cut list minimizes the possibility of mistakes during the slab phase of the plumbing project.

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